Hotel Villa Padierna Palace Excelsior Palace Hotel – A Tradition of Century-Old Luxury

Big hotels have a history to be proud of. The facilities and conveniences they offer are very similar to those of their historical predecessors and brand values.

The Excelsior Palace, the only hotel of its kind on the coast of the Italian Riviera, a prime destination for wealthy tourists in Italy and throughout Europe, is one hotel whose history illustrates its value.

This article examines this hotel through the lens of time and describes what visitors expect to stay and feel in this luxurious space.

Excelsior Palace

One of the best hotels in Rapallo – Palace of Excelsior, Italy

Born in 1901 under the name Coursaal Rapallo, this hotel is located next to the famous landmark of the time, Villa Elisabeta. The hotel quickly became known for its climate and its ability to gamble in casinos. Driven by the need for clients wanting more amenities, hotel expansion was seen as inevitable and New Casino Hotels were built to allow guests to gamble. After this expansion, the name of the hotel was changed to its current name – Excelsior Palace.

Hotels at the Rapallo Excelsior Palace

The delightful splendour of the hotel is reflected in the 140 whimsical rooms that offer guests 200 beds. All room categories offer classic exterior views and create pleasing views for a pleasant stay. There are four different room categories: classic room (22 sqm), a special room with Tiguilo Bay view (28 sqm), luxury room with balcony and beautiful sea view (35 sqm).

The exclusive rooms are great too. Balcony with better views of the Rapallo Sea and Portofino Bay (35 m²) and free Wi-Fi in this room.

Apart from the four different types of rooms, there are three different types of apartments. They promise you stunning panoramas, nice terraces, entertainment furnishings and absolute comfort. All apartments have a free internet connection and an outdoor bar.

The junior suite is approximately 50 square meters. The bedroom and living room are connected and there is no separation between them. In this classic apartment, you can relax in a spacious and fully equipped balcony. They also have an area of ​​50 square meters.

The presidential suite of this hotel offers extraordinary luxury with a large living room measuring 130 square meters and a terrace measuring 150 square meters.

The two most interesting things about this property that set this property apart are gay and pet property.

The hotel has two restaurants, Lord Byron, which is open year-round, and Eden Roc, which is only open in summer. Small pets are welcome in reserved areas of this restaurant.

Rapallo Hotels has one bar and Excelsior Palace has two bars, one as a Yachting Bar and the other as a Sporting Bar. The former is open year-round and the others are open at certain times during summer and winter.