If you own a vape pen or are planning to buy one, you would find it interesting to learn about its anatomy and the way it functions. Also, there are three main types of vape pens that can prove to be the best e-cig choice for you.

There are many companies available from where you can easily buy cannabis concentrates online. Before, discussing them in detail, let's have a look at the basic structure of these pens.

Essentially, there are three main parts of every such pen.

Nebulizer: This is the most important part of the pen as it is responsible for heating all of these herbs and concentrates. Some sprays can also have fiberglass wicks.

• Battery: Because the vape pen is easy to carry, it naturally works with stored energy such as a rechargeable or disposable battery. Some pens also come with a USB or wall charger when the battery is low.

• Funnel: This is the part you inhale the smoke from, so it needs frequent cleaning.

Apart from that, the other components of this fountain pen include:

• On / off button to turn on and off.

• Can be placed anywhere on the pen, depending on the shape and design.

• Glass or ceramic filters that ensure even airflow to the construction site.

• This is an internal structure that you cannot see easily.

• Spray coil.

• Can be anything from a regular wick to a ceramic pancake-shaped roll that allows heating.