You hear the terms as integrative and complementary medicine often used in the media as well as in scientific literature. Both terms indicate a process of bringing the parts together, to integrating, or making the whole. 

This is what integrative or complementary medicine does. It brings together various approaches to strengthen, maintain, or re-establish optimal health. You can find the best integrative medicine in Scottsdale, AZ.

Integrative Medicine

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The movement towards acceptance of complementary medicine techniques is accelerating as the supporting scientific evidence of its various beneficial properties mount and become more recognized. This principle dictates the use of alternative therapies that I offer my patients.

It is important that my medical decisions should be supported by a systematic review of the literature that includes well-designed clinical trials that support the efficacy, safety, cost-effectiveness, and outcomes of treatment options.

Although scientific data and scientific evidence have long been established to support the important role of supplements such as vitamins and minerals in medicine.

It has only been seen that a significant number of physicians incorporate this knowledge into their day-to-day practice of medicine. Consciously or not, these physicians are practicing integrated medicine. 

It is both crucial and wise to discuss any alternative treatment with a doctor who is aware of what has some science behind it, and what doesn't. Some patients may no longer see their physician as their primary source of health knowledge and advice, but still see them as a partner in achieving optimal health status.