Preparing for a Military Career Transition: Degree or Certification?

All the military veterans must suffer through colleges, universities, and online degree mills, it's no small wonder that vets are confused about where to spend their time or money: on a degree or a certification. So, which is better: a college degree or an industry certification?

Well, it depends on the employer, the job, and the requirements. In general, degrees are better than certifications. But if your degree is one of these generic degrees in General Studies and the certification in question is a Microsoft Certified Engineer (MCSE), then the opposite is true.

From my experience as a military job search counselor, going back to college can prolong your job hunt distress. The degree won't guarantee you a job after you graduate. It's better to market your core job skills first. These are the basic skills you have that sit behind your actual job task skills.

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For instance, if you supervised a team of workers, your core skills are supervision. Then, look for jobs outside of your industry that is similar to your old job. Find the best job you can. Once you are employed, then go back to college and seek re-training programs that will update those stagnant skills. 

Mid-career veterans (8-15 years of experience) typically have a lot of job skills that would interest an employer anyway. And if you are not seeking a product design position, where a degree would be necessary, obtaining industry-specific certifications that an employer would find useful, is preferred. 

Facts About Military Vet Jobs

After a lot of years of securing the freedom of the country, the military vets will need to locate work in the world to have the ability to secure their futures. They want tasks to be able to provide for themselves and for their families.

That usually means that the vets have to acquire careers after they depart service. To know about military vet jobs you can navigate to

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There are military vet tasks that they could certainly transition to as a result of the skills they gained while on active duty. For these reasons, you'll find companies that have put up campaigns of providing transition coaching for the vets to aid them to achieve perfect occupations that suit and satisfy their talents. 

Dana Manciagli is one of the companies which ardently feel that each American has a duty to care and help the women and men who battled hard at war in defense of their united states to transition from the military way of life and also get excellent jobs in the civilian workforce. 

It is focused on educating, encouraging, and providing the military vets with livelihood opportunities to assist them to achieve their profession in addition to personal aspirations. It will take pride in the special and amazing set of skills and personality gained by the vets during service which can be easily translated to its workplace.

Dana Manciagli has transition programs that can be aimed toward linking vets with available work in the organization and elsewhere, helping them write exceptional resumes, mentoring them well, and holding direction training programs to help them.

How A Bible Can Be Useful To Someone Who Isn’t Religious?

People who are not religious will often classify themselves as atheists, which means that they actively disagree with religion and that they write off the idea of god conscious/active. It's great and good of course – no one really knows the answers to the mysteries of life, and each of the same opinions valid as any other ideas on the matter. 

But what the mistake is to actually write the Bible and all aspects of religious teachings just because you do not believe in God. The Bible has many important messages and many uses even if you do not believe in part the more remarkable for being literal. You can get more information about the bc and ad timeline online at

Here are some of the reasons that everyone should have the Bible on their shelves and that everyone had to dip into it from time to time:

Using the Bible against LGBTQ+ people is an abuse of scripture

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The Bible teaches us many lessons about morality and has some very profound ideas about how to treat others and live a life that is essentially 'good'. If nothing else serves as a reminder to consciously try to become a better person – something that many people seem to ignore.


This is not the only thing that the Bible can help with both though, and a lot of lessons and messages can help us to live better lives in other ways as well. 

History and Literature

Furthermore, even though the Bible itself is a book that is very important from the standpoint of historical and cultural points of view, and still plays a major role in our modern life.

Learn How Career Coaching Can Be a Good Investment in Your Career

Career training programs are now popular and there is a bit of puzzle involved because of the number of programs that exist, and the quality of these programs might be hard to assess. Moreover, a program's cost may vary somewhat, along with the background and experience of the trainer. 

If you're going to make an investment of this nature then you want to make sure that the program has the capability to fulfill your needs and furthermore, you want to be fully informed and aware of those facets which produce a good coach and the qualities that are indicative of some meaningful application.

Finding a coach is easy; the challenge is choosing the right choice – and also a program that is a good fit for you. You can also take assistance from a personal job search consultant to find the best coach for you.


One of the first reasons that a lifetime career coaching plan is considered by a person is if they are feeling stuck or uncertain about their livelihood. It's not unusual to really have a conversation together with colleagues, friends, or family; however, for most, they don't receive adequate advice or they still remain uncertain in their occupation or livelihood.  

Searching for answers can be a frustrating process and if that's the case it's only going to add to doubt and the anxiety that the man or woman is actually feeling. If you understand what to find as you look for a coach or mentor you will discover hunting is far easier to manage.

What Is Hypnobirthing The Technique The Duchess Of Cambridge Used?

Hypnobirthing aims to reduce fear, pain, and anxiety during labor. It involves learning quiet breathing techniques, deep relaxation, guided meditation, visualization, positive suggestions, and affirmations.

Hypnobirthing educates women to induce a state of mind "self-hypnosis" where a woman concentrates deeply concentrated, inward and this allows her to decrease external. But it can still respond to affirmations and suggestions. Get access to the best home Hypnobirthing course to know more about it.

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When a woman is afraid that she becomes physically tense, rigid, and produces adrenaline and stress hormones cortisol. Her perception of pain increases and this can affect the work.

HypnoBirthing aims to counter the effects women fear and help secrete hormones oxytocin and endorphins that allow her to remain calm and relaxed, so labor can progress.

Some women who use HypnoBirthing say they feel like they're Dreaming, in a trance, and drifting into a state of deep calm and relaxed, but are not sleeping.

Technical HypnoBirthing is based on British obstetrician observations by Grantly Dick-Read. In his book 1942, Childbirth without fear, he suggested women in a calm state of mind, and who had faith in their ability to give birth, have done with less pain.

These days, women and their partners or support people can learn self-hypnosis techniques to HypnoBirthing by attending one session, group classes, or online courses. Usually, women attend meetings about 25-30 weeks of pregnancy, but self-hypnosis and guided mediation techniques are sometimes taught earlier in pregnancy.