Direct Mail Marketing Tips to Drive More Traffic to Retailers.

1. Track the response of all your direct mail.

Learn what works in your direct mail program and, just as important, what doesn't. Leave a notepad next to each phone and when you get a call, at the beginning of the conversation, say, "And how did you hear about us?" Write the answer in the notepad, throw that paper in a specific drawer and forget it. At the end of the month, count all the mistakes and you will have a pretty good idea of which Direct Mail Marketing attracted the most customers.

2. Best Direct Mail Campaign Ever – Mail to your home list.

Regardless of what industry you are in, what you sell, or what type of business you own, your direct mail strategy and direct response email campaign should have only one priority: regularly mailing your home list. . This is the lowest cost and most effective direct marketing strategy you can have. Hmmm … the lowest cost? More effective? Any questions?

Preferred Customer Sales, Private Sales, Pre-Sale Access Before Opening to the General Public – Make the people on your home mailing list feel special. Are. Begin by collecting the names and addresses of current customers. If you don't have an "internal file" of customers, a list of the names and addresses of all your customers, start one now. This will become your most valuable asset.

3. Specify direct mailing lists to target your "best prospects" and land a client for $ .44

Depending on your type of business, acquiring new customers through direct mail can be a precisely targeted direct marketing campaign delivered only to your best prospects, without wasting advertising costs. Send your direct mail to geographic targets (near your store), demographic targets (people similar to your current customers who like / can afford to shop at stores like yours), and industry-related personnel, in the specific markets they target. who attends (manicured lawn, headphones, etc.).