There are three main divisions in the indoor and outdoor pool debate. In addition to a clear preference for "indoors" and "outdoors," there are "Both" campers who like to use the indoor pool in cooler weather and the outdoor pool on warm, sunny days.

Two families living near the border between South Hertz and North London have owned the pool for several years. The family has an outdoor pool and their friends have an indoor pool.

Both families claim that this is the perfect arrangement as they happily hand out bonuses depending on the weather. You can also buy pool enclosures made in Canada & retractable pool covers online.

Families with outdoor pools use them most of the year because even in cold weather, the water and air above the surface are kept warm. Children of families with indoor pools prefer to use their friend's outdoor pool in the summer.

Other friends, a family in the heart of Hertfordshire who launched a swimming pool a few years ago, recognized both aspects and chose the "Best of Both Worlds" solution by opting for a telescopic pool cover that stretches over an outdoor outdoor pool.

The concept of decision making is still new in Canada. This works well and only takes a minute or two to slide the fence in one direction or the other – or just a few seconds to keep the pool half closed.

There are some issues with condensation getting into your teeth, which will require installing a humidifier while family and friends enjoy the indoor pool.

Weather is not the only factor in deciding whether to have a pool or not. Permanent buildings usually require planning permits and a larger budget than the pond itself.