Many surgical and much more contemporary balloon remedies share a notion in common. That's to fill the gut so it does not feel hungry and needs feeding or in different instances to prevent the ingestion and absorption of foodstuffs.

Nevertheless, in practice, there's not as surgical intervention involved which has to be much less traumatic for the individual. You can choose weight loss procedures in Singapore for surgical & non-surgical methods.

Gastric Bypass

A number involve the insertion of a balloon or balloon-like structure to the gut so as to reach the above-mentioned aims. Here are only a couple of examples of a number of those that are gaining a great deal of attention.

For many dieters, the idea of surgical intervention to help lose weight is something that is unpleasant and largely off-putting.

However, an entirely new range of techniques is becoming available or is under test, involving procedures that are perhaps technically surgery but which involve little if any real surgical intervention.

This is another device that has been tweaked quite a few times already.

The researchers have tried to produce a balloon that could be lodged in the stomach and later removed but without endoscopy, which is one of those procedures patients don't like much.

The current experiment involves a long thin and flexible tube being attached to a tiny balloon that's swallowed.