Chewing Gum And Graffiti Removal

When it comes to commercial cleaning, we often despair about how often we should use a carpet cleaner to remove coffee stains from office rugs or spilled red wine during an event.

However, both examples are always what we would sadly classify as "accidental" and, especially in city centers, commercial cleaners have an accidental problem. You can find more information graffiti removal company via

Chewing Gum And Graffiti Removal

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The main culprits are chewing gum and graffiti, both of which are antisocial. Some may argue that chewing gum is the kind of person to ignore and drop it, but you would think differently if you picked it up and it stuck to the carpet in your new car.

Removing gums is not easy and is often removed from the tips with a special steam cleaner on the road because they can't come off with a brush or even with a cleaning machine.

You may not think this is a problem, but next time you're in town, take a look at the sidewalks in any downtown and you'll see tiny black spots all over the sidewalk, all caused by chewing gum.

The good news, however, is that if you find an absence issue that's taking your business away, you can purchase a freezer spray to remove chewing gum that completely freezes gum residue. This allows the gum to be removed easily and efficiently with a scraper.

Chewing gum is available in a handy spray form which can easily be stored in an office cleaning cabinet, avoiding the use, expense, and storage of steam cleaners.

After being sprayed with a graffiti eraser, they can be cleaned with the help of a special cloth to remove any remaining ink or paint. This means that ugly scribbles can now be removed in a few minutes.